Joint Venture Potential

Urtek’s business model is to achieve uranium production with the PhosEnergy Process.

The patented PhosEnergy Process is Urtek’s key asset. The breakthrough technology provides a new method for the extraction of uranium from phosphoric acid streams generated in the production of phosphate fertilizers.

Now is the time to invest in the PhosEnergy Process - the innovative solution providing the potential to rejuvenate the uranium from phosphate streams industry.

The PhosEnergy Process has the potential to add value to many facets of a phosphoric acid producer’s operation, including:

  • Additional revenue resulting from accessing uranium at market competitive operating costs;
  • The ability to source and introduce lower quality (high MER) rock to the process, at a lower price; and
  • Diversification of revenue.
    Experienced in the uranium business, Urtek can bring to a potential development partner the above advantages, plus:
  • Patented technology for the removal of uranium from phosphoric acid;
  • The technical support to design, build, commission and operate a uranium from phosphoric acid facility;
  • Experience in all facets of the uranium industry, including:
    • Stakeholder engagement (Regulators, community, etc.);
    • Radiation Safety Management; and
    • Marketing and sales.
  • Ongoing technical support to or operational management of the facility.

Urtek is neither a marketer nor licensor of technology. Urtek’s business model is to gain uranium production share through joint venture (or other participation resulting in a share of uranium off-take) in the development of the PhosEnergy Process to unlock a previously uneconomic uranium resource in Phosphoric acid facilities worldwide.

Urtek can tailor a joint venture development plant to provide our potential partner with the risk/reward profile best suited to the company’s needs.