An untapped major global resource

The scale of the growth opportunities that Urtek is currently pursuing is rarely found outside of the major participants in the Uranium Industry.

Urtek has defined a significant worldwide resource that is virtually unexploited.

Now is the time to invest in the PhosEnergy Process - the innovative solution providing the potential to rejuvenate the uranium from phosphate streams industry.

The PhosEnergy Process can be indirectly invested through Uranium Equities Limited (ASX: UEQ). Key investment benefits include:

  • No effective competition: competing historical process has high operating costs (US$50 - $70/lb U3O8) and 50% higher capital costs
  • PhosEnergy operating costs less than US$18/lb U3O8
  • Multiple concurrent production opportunities project pipeline
  • Short lead time to development
  • Large annual production potential (10 20 Mlb U3O8/a) at the lower end of the cost curve
  • Over US$12 million invested for future development