A Dynamic Partnership

The combination of Urtek’s entrepreneurial research and development style combined with the vast technical, environmental and marketing resources of Cameco Corporation make Urtek a dynamic and aggressive leader.

Urtek is a partnership between (TSX:CCO) and Uranium Equities Limited (ASX:UEQ), with a focus on innovation in uranium recovery from phosphates.

Urtek is focused on improving the economics of uranium extraction from phosphates to supply and increasing global energy demand

Urtek represents a significant body of experience in uranium processing, commercial operations and sustainable mining development particularly following the investment by CCO, one of the world’s largest uranium producers and provider of conversion services as well as fuel fabrication to the nuclear industry.

The ownership of Urtek is as follows:

  • Cameco 73%
  • Uranium Equities 27%

Urtek’s key asset and flagship is the patented PhosEnergy Process – a new technology for the extraction of uranium from phosphoric acid streams generated in the production of phosphate fertilizers.